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Delegación de CLADEC Estará Presente en la XXXIV Reunión de Directores Generales de Aduanas en Panamá

Una delegación de CLADEC integrada por Maritza Castro (DHL), Frank Santeiro (FedEx), Sonia Beckelheimer (UPS), Arnaldo Borges (TNT), Jose Antonio de Obaldia (AESEP, Panama) and Maria Mancuso (CLADEC) estaran presente en la XXXIV reunión de Directores Generales de Aduanas de América Latina, España y Portugal (COMALEP) que se realizará entre los días 2 y 3 de abril de 2013 en la ciudad de Pananá.

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Trade Facilitation Measures Recommended for DR-CAFTA Region

A report prepared with the help of two Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg professionals has identified a number of steps that should be taken to further facilitate trade in the DR-CAFTA region. The report states that lowering barriers such as inefficient customs procedures, redundant paperwork, and a lack of adequate infrastructure and technological capabilities can be a significant tool for boosting trade flows and economic growth and development.

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OECD Trade Facilitation Indicators: Transforming Borders Bottlenecks into Global Gateways

Published by OECD International trade is the engine of the global economy. More people, goods and services are crossing borders than ever before. But trade is changing – today, products and the services that go with them are made from parts that are sourced from all over the world.

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